Making Private
Education Better

A peer-to-peer tuition mobile platform.

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We're making private education better by providing students with an individualistic tuition experience.

To do this we've created a bridge between knowledgeable students and those in need of help in the form of a mobile app.


Futuristic Education

Search, schedule and review all in one place. An educational experience which has never been had before.

Child Safety

Be at your child's side every step of the way using our innovative parent account system.

Community Rating

Tell how good a tutor is at a glance. Rely on the reviews of a large community instead of relying on word-of-mouth.

Location Flexibility

Learn or tutor where you want, when you want. Our app makes it easy to find your meeting spot, be it your home or the local café.

For Tutors

Set Your Rate

In choosing an hourly rate for your tuition services, make money flexibly by tutoring students in need.

Tutor Anywhere

The world is your classroom. The in-app chat and lesson request system makes it easy to set up a lesson anywhere.

Promote Yourself

Create your own tutor profile, outline your strengths, and allow potential students to discover you through our search.

Mentor & Inspire

Tutoring is a fulfilling way to contribute back to society. Show struggling students that just as you did it, they can too.

Apply to Become a Tutor

We are currently seeking university students to help us get the ball rolling. If you're passionate about a subject and want to make some pocket money, apply now.

For Students

Individual Attention

Get the educational experience and individual attention you deserve — because a class just doesn't cut it sometimes.


Whether you've got a constantly changing schedule or need a four hour crash course before an exam, LearnD's got you covered.


If you feel you're not capable of acing that exam or juggling your studies and your social life, learn from someone who did.


Asking your friend for good private tutors is a thing of the past. A good tutor is now just a screen tap away!




  • Find a tutor in a specific subject
  • Filter tutors by rating, location, price and availability
  • Rate and review tutors
  • Schedule lessons easily

Frequently Asked Questions

  • No! The app is completely free to use for students. When a lesson is arranged between a student and a tutor, an agreed price is paid to the tutor. No student money goes to the app.

  • Tutors are paid by students through a mutually agreed upon rate for a lesson.

  • The only qualifications which are visible on a tutor's profile are those which have been verified manually by an administrator on behalf of the LearnD team.

  • No, you do not have to pay your tutor through the app, but you can if you prefer. If you are using the app as a tutor, your subscription will be paid through the app.

  • Currently, yes. Soon, no.

  • All users under the age of 16 are required to verify their account creation with a parental confirmation email before the child account becomes active and usable. In doing so, a parent is able to oversee all activity carried out by the child. Only parents can accept lesson requests for their children. Additionally, all tutors in our app are cross-checked with the Ministry for Home Affairs to ensure POMA compliance.

Our Team

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Luke Collins

Cofounder & Technical Lead
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Jake Xuereb

Cofounder & Project Manager
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Jean-Paul Ebejer

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Jacob Saliba

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Neil Grech



Winners of the Take-Off Seed Fund Award 2018 and the Malta Innovation Summit People's Choice Award 2018.


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